Chris Vincent

Chris Vincent

Pirates, cowboys and vagabond 90's hippies are the hypnotic daydreams of Chris Vincent's songs. His musical world is a tropical melting pot; steel drums and Tony Llama boots collide with the energy of a low pressure system and beneath this cascade Bob Marley, Jim Croce, and Ernest Hemingway all meet on a breezy porch to philosophize and drink Goombay Smashes.
    The Traveler is Chris Vincent's first full-length recording. Musicians from some of Cape Cod's hardest working bands were recruited to make this album. Included are bassist Bill Rountree from Hazy, Hot and Humid, pianist Ken LeRay (Badger) from the Ken LeRay Trio, guitarist Malcolm Granger from the Mike Dumas Band, and percussionist Johnny Ventura formerly of Santana and now with Andrea & Slater. Along with drummer Phil Banner they form the core of The Stoned Crabber Band.


  Other musicians involved in the project are Dennis Dillon of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sean Foster and percussionist T.P. Skinner (who has since disappeared in the leeward Caribbean islands). Singers Jamie Haley and Lori Rudman provide backing vocals. Recording was completed at REO Studios in Centerville and engineered by studio owner Ron Ormsby.
    The Traveler consists of nine original tracks written by Vincent. From country swing to salty Caribbean chamber music, Chris takes us on a detour to the sideroads of his world; a sandswept vista where cowboys ride asphalt trails, Deadheads adjust to life after Jerry, and pirates could use a little practice. His songs rest against a coastal backdrop where the air can be tasted on warm afternoons and the sun sets late in the day, where poverty is not only blissful freedom but also a way of life.

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The Traveler is available in cassettes or CDs. Contact REO or Chris for details.

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Photos from 5/21/98 CD Release Party at Christines

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