Analog Shallows

CONSOLE: YAMAHA O2R Digital Recording Console with full automation (40x8x2)

ANALOG MULTI-TRACK: TASCAM MS-16 1" 16 Track w/auto locater & remote sync

DIGITAL MULTI-TRACK: TASCAM DA-88 Digital Multitrack systems (24 tracks) w/smpte & remote

CASSETTE MACHINES: Nacamichi, TASCAM, & Sony cassette decks

MONITORS: RCF 6000 & Tannoy NFM-8 w/JBL & Crown power amps

MASTERING: TASCAM Digital (DATs) / Otari ½ track Analog / TC Electronics Finalizer-96K

CD-R: TASCAM CD Recorder CDRW-5000

TAC Round

O2R Sphere

MIDI: Digital Orchestrator by Voyetra / Roland A-80 MIDI Controller / Korg M1Rex / Roland SC-55 and U-110 / Proteus01 / SMPTE

OUTBOARD & FX: ART & Earthworks Mic Pres / dbx160 & dbx166 Compressors & Limiters / Lexicon PCM60 & PCM 70 multi FX & processors / Various effects & more

MICROPHONES: AKG, Audix, Crown, Earthworks, ElectroVoice, Philips, RØDE, Sennheiser, Shure

STUDIO INSTRUMENTS: Baby Grand Piano / Premier Studio Drum Set / Warwick Electric Basses

ADDITIONAL STUFF: Misc. instrument amps / Percussion box etc...

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