Winnie & John

Once upon a time, Winnie Fitch, an artist/illustrator from Cape Cod, met John Houston, a musician/songwriter from Maine. It was love at first sight & sound.

The children of this marriage are the stories & songs they write together in their studios at Hedgerow, on the edge of the Briar Patch.

"Our songs & stories celebrate the variety, humor, magic & 'oneness' of life here on beautiful Planet Earth."

Winnie & John

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As of April 2007, all Hedgerow Studios stories & songs are available as CDs or DVD ROM at Also as digital downloads and/or CD rental from,, and for libraries. For other purchasing information on Hedgerow stories & songs visit To see Winnie Fitch poster art visit


contact: John Houston & Winnie Fitch
Hedgerow Studios West
2675 Emerald Street
Eugene, OR  97403

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