16 Track Head Stack

REO STUDIOS has been designed with quality and versatility in mind. We have 24 tracks of TASCAM DA-88 format digital tape available; Digital workstation and MIDI sequencer on PC; a range of MIDI instruments and keyboards as well as an excellent baby grand piano and a full studio drum set. The studio is equipped with a spacious live room, large drum room, and two smaller iso-booths, both of which have been acoustically treated. This gives us the ability to record solo artists or large groups.

At the center of our control room is a 40 channel, fully automated YAMAHA O2R Digital console. It has fantastic EQ and dynamic capabilities and, when recording to the DA-88 Digital Multi-tracks, your project can stay totally digital from tracking to mixing.
Our main monitors are RCF 6000s powered by Urei/JBL. Near field monitors are Tannoy NFM-8s.
We understand that every project is different, each requiring individual and personal attention. Contact us and we can discuss the needs of your project and design a package to suit you.


Control Room
* 325 sq. feet * Acoustically Designed: Live End Dead End (LEDE) * Air Conditioned *
* Two-dimensional rear wall diffusors * (Please see our Photo Gallery page)
Live Room
* Approx. 750 sq feet * Acoustically Designed * Air Conditioned *
* Grand Piano * Premier Studio Drum Set * RPG Diffusers *
Drum Room and two isolation booths.

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Ron Ormsby Owner/Engineer
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