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As rap music moves into the 21st century, four cats from Cape Cod are poised to break onto the scene and take no prisoners. Hailing from Harwich, MA, the foursome known as "VC" blends various styles thus creating a unique sound to please even the most discriminating hip-hop listener. Their first album, "Your Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrelz" is an effort that promises to have quite a few heads nodding.

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Established in 1998, VC is made up of long time friends Black Dawn, Mr. Deeco, Snakeyes, and Spendthrift Jones. Growing up in homes with strong Creole/Cape Verdean backgrounds, the idea of family was always stressed - and that’s just what VC is; a family. While fully representing their home town of Harwich, VC is setting out to represent the Cape as a whole. As well as being carriers of rap music's' torch, the group also strives to revolutionize rap and become trendsetters in their own right.

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Musically VC stresses not only their intense lyrical flows but also the content and various themes discussed and featured in the tracks, which are sure to keep listeners intrigued. The album tracks include "From Bellevue with Love", "Dangerous Ground", and the title track "Your Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrelz Parts 1 and 2" which are gritty tales of the foul life, the lust for power, betrayal, mental innervisions and pain. On the other hand, tracks like "Tryin to Make a Living", "High Rollers" and "Dream Catcher" are songs that deal with coming up in the game, success, fame and love. Other tracks like "Organics", "Cold War" and "Ain’t No Quicker" might overwhelm you with ill verses that make you want to rewind to catch ‘em again. Without a doubt, "Your Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrelz" will keep it real so be sure to check it out cause it's all lovely.....


For more information contact:

Ron Ormsby Owner/Engineer
Centerville, MA 02632

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